Our corporate plan 2022-25


Live Greatwell sets out how we will work towards our vision of ‘great communities where people live well’ over the three years from 2022 to 2025.


We believe that living well starts at home, and that a home is much more than a place to live. That’s why, as a community-based housing provider, we’re all about creating safe, secure and sustainable homes for people in and around North Northhamptonshire.


John lewis, Chair
Jo Savage, Chief Executive
Live proud
Empowering communities
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Live green
Achieving net zero carbon
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Live happy
Creating great experiences
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Live safe
Building resilience
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Live proud:
empowering communities.

We’ll work closely with customers, communities and partners to shape places that people are proud of.

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“Living proud to me is being proud of your community.

John Hook, Greatwell Homes customer

Live green:
achieving net zero carbon.

We will move towards becoming a net zero carbon business by 2050. This means making homes more energy efficient.

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“Live green is important to me because I want to leave a planet for my grandchildren. Global warming is happening and we need to do something to put things right.

Sharon Medlin, Greatwell Homes Customer

Live happy:
creating great experiences.

People are at the heart of everything we do. We will build relationships that work well for customers, communities, partners and staff.

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“What makes me happy is to come home to a nice, safe and wellheated home with a lovely garden.

Peter Allington, Greatwell Homes customer

Live safe:
building resilience.

We’ll provide homes where people feel safe, neighbourhoods where people want to stay and services that are efficient and reliable so we can deliver more.

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“Greatwell Homes offers me a safe environment, suitable for somebody of my age and needs.

Peter Johnson, Greatwell Homes customer

Live Greatwell

We have a robust set of ‘Working well’ frameworks, customer engagement options and governance structures and a strong executive management to support us to deliver this plan.

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