Live safe
Building resilience
We'll provide homes where customers feel safe, neighbourhoods where people want to stay and services that are efficient and reliable so we can deliver more.

It’s a fundamental human need to feel safe and secure at home. The areas we serve need more new homes – properties that are attractive, flexible and fit for the future. Alongside our building programme, we’ll invest more in existing homes to make sure they remain up to date, well maintained and suitable for people’s needs.


Live safe means finding new sources of funding to support our plans and working with trusted statutory, voluntary and private partners to meet the needs and aspirations of communities in North Northamptonshire.

Objectives for 2022 to 2025

To promote Live safe we’ll:


  • Improve insight and understanding of existing homes
  • Keep customers safe and feeling safe in their homes
  • Develop a resilient repairs and maintenance service that delivers a great experience for customers
  • Achieve a better balance between planned work and day-to-day repairs
  • Invest at least £15m in existing homes by 2025
  • Deliver new homes

Our four core strategies support our mission and vision, and how we’ll measure success.

Read the full live safe strategy here
Live proud
Empowering communities
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Live green
Achieving net zero carbon
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Live happy
Creating great experiences
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Live safe
Building resilience
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